Wednesday, 29 August 2012


IMG_1951     IMG_1962

At the top of Calcutt Locks we could see the storm clouds gathering in the distance. I very much enjoyed strolling around the area, especially Napton Reservoir. I presume that this delightful barrel-roofed hut was the old pumping station.


Nb Oakfield nestling behind the reeds from across the reservoir.

IMG_2005 Horse

We also spotted a man who seemed to be training his horse.

IMG_2006 Drink Delicious Ovaltine for Health

Loads of boats of all shapes and sizes past us by, fast and slow, in both directions.

IMG_2010 'Little One' with seagull engine 4mph

Well I suppose we were near to Calcutt (250 boats), Ventnor Farm (250) and Wigrams Turn (220) Marinas as we saw the same boats go forth and back. A large number of hire boats were making the most of the end of the school holidays too.

IMG_2009 boating dogsTwo more little boating doggy characters were not able to jump off in the lock for a stroke, unfortunately!

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