Monday, 6 August 2012

Duckling in trouble!


This little fluff-ball must have eaten the bait on the end of this fishing line and it was dangling from the reeds by its beak. After slowly poling the boat over to it Bottle lay down on the stern, gently held it and cut it loose with scissors. The fisher-folk on the bank removed the hook from its tiny beak, then we lowered it back into the water.


Well it still had plenty of energy after being stuck for sometime and swam off squeaking loudly. We only hope its mother finds it before dusk to snuggle up and keep it warm.

IMG_1635There were plenty of hire boats coming down when we made our ascent of the locks from Worcester. It is nice to share locks and chatter with boaters while waiting for the locks.

Arrgh, we are also back in close proximity of traffic noise and lawnmowers, never mind eh!

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