Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gloucester to Worcester.

IMG_1618 the chain wall

This is the wall with chains that you have to cling too to wait if the lock is not in your favour on your way downstream.

IMG_1624 Upton on SevernThe flood defences were not quite finished  when we passed Upton on Severn, neither were there any mooring spaces.

IMG_1629 Diglis RiverlockWe noticed the muddy mark along the banks where the Severn had risen right up during the rainy season of June.  There were tree trunks and branches piled up in some places en-route too.

IMG_1631We waited a while at Diglis River Lock, then the gates on the right opened and we got the green light.

IMG_1632 Diglis Basin LocksPhew, back onto the canal system safely after a good journey up the Severn. There were only a few spectators as we entered the locks below Worcester after a long day.

It took higher engine revs and longer to travel against the flow of the water than it did on the downstream journey.  

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