Friday, 10 August 2012

Onwards to Tardebigge.


We set off early-ish on a damp morning to tackle the six Astwood Locks. The canal in these parts is rather overgrown with reeds making it quite narrow in many places. Luckily we didn’t meet any boats coming towards us! It is a shame that the towpath had been worn into a deep groove by bicyclists, turning it into streams and bogs along the way.

IMG_1659  IMG_1660

This cottage had beautifully kept gardens bursting with fruit and vegetables on either side of the lock.

IMG_1661There was time to admire the refurbished ‘Boat and Barge Inn’ displaying all sorts of meal-deals, as we stopped at the water-tap opposite.

IMG_1665  IMG_1663

I spotted some makers marks impressed into the rounded blue brick toppers along the side of the locks.

IMG_1656   IMG_1669

As there weren't any desirable mooring spots we carried on up the six Stoke Locks to arrive at the bottom of the Tardebigge flight.

IMG_1670  IMG_1666

We will spend a nice quiet night here in readiness to tackle the next twenty-nine locks in one go!

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