Thursday, 16 August 2012

Birmingham City.

IMG_1774 new Library

We had a walk into the city which was bedecked with lovely flowers along the way. This strange building encased in swirly ironwork patterns will be the new Library.

IMG_1776 Mini Garden    IMG_1775 Boulton, Watt Murdoch

The Mini Garden and the golden statues of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch were spectacular.

IMG_1778 Olympic TV by Town HallI found it quite amusing to see that the reclining statue was able to watch the Olympic Games on a BIG screen in style!

IMG_1781 Town Hall 1878      IMG_1845 Usain Bolt

Outside the Town Hall built in 1878, Usain Bolt was depicted in the flower display.

IMG_1841 BullringWe eventually made our way through the throngs of shoppers into The Bull Ring.

IMG_1844   IMG_1842  

The Selfridges building looked like it was covered in shiny silver Smarties. Nearby was another imaginative display topped by a Bull with a little narrow-boat floating in water beneath.

IMG_1848 Nuykhut     IMG_1846

The charming ‘Nutkhut’ creative performers were out on their stilts entertaining everyone who came by.

IMG_1853The amphitheatre type steps down into this square with a water-feature was a good place to sit for awhile. In several places there were Table Tennis tables which were being used by people to practice their skills at the game.

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No Direction said...

The concrete lady in front of the town hall is known to us Brummies as the Floosie in the Jacuzzi.