Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Up the Junction.

IMG_1448 Saul JnctThere is always plenty of activity for gongoozlers to ogle around the junction. This barge has been into Saul Marina and is emerging from the Stroud Water Canal (now part of the Cotswold Canals) onto the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal heading South.

IMG_1446Boats being manoeuvred in and out of RW Davis Boatyard for repairs and bottom blacking.

IMG_1454 JosephThis old boat called ‘Joseph’ of Bristol is having some of it’s wooden planking renewed.  Just to the left of my picture you can see the steamer in action. There is a firebox at one end providing steam up through the box to soften the oak planks inside it. This makes them pliable enough to be bent around the shape of the boat and bolted into place.


IMG_1462 C RT CraneThis enormous Canal and River Trust Crane has been moored near the Stables Bar providing much interest and many questions from the children.

IMG_1443We can just see the junction from our mooring position and there are quite a few boats here with us at the moment. I think that perhaps the canals and riversides have become more popular with day-trippers than the sea-sides now. Perhaps this is because the canals and rivers are within easy reach of many  people. Lets face it many new canal-side properties have been built recently, even along the ones that are not yet navigable! 

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