Thursday, 26 July 2012

I don’t believe it!

IMG_1534 Western LadyI went over to the laundry on the Tudor Caravan site where, for £3, I washed my duvet in one of their industrial washers which takes 37 minutes precisely! As it was warming up to be another glorious day and the mooring at Patch Bridge is very wide, I spread the duvet across the back of two chairs near our boat to dry.

Things were going well and we were chatting to our neighbours, we were enjoying the afternoon sitting out on the grass.

Then this big plastic boat came and moored up and along comes a ‘lady’ from it with her chocolate Labrador on a lead. She walks it over by my duvet and lets her dog lift his leg and pee on it. After mumbling sorry see my husband about it she carried on walking the dog. We just could not believe it and while she was gone I became quite unhappy about the situation and decided to tackle her about it when they came back. Meanwhile Bottle went to see her husband aboard their boat, explained what had happened and asked for the £3 to go and re-wash the duvet. Anyway it appears that it was our fault for drying the washing on the  grassy area and he wasn’t going to apologise or pay the £3 either. So, when she returned I asked her why she let her dog pee on my washing and it would cost me £3 to re-wash it and she ignored me! At this point I became rather overheated and used some words that I don’t usually use! I still didn’t feel much better as I trudged all the way round in the heat of the afternoon to the laundry again either.

IMG_1533 IMG_1535

We further annoyed him by photographing his ‘fantastic plastic vision in white’ and told him it would be going on our blog. Bottle told him that he now had confirmed the low opinion, held by many, of those who own these large gin palaces and by his belligerent attitude. So if you encounter ‘WESTERN LADY’ travelling north on the G+S give him them a wide berth.

They don’t seem to have a number on their boat, or indeed be displaying a license either!

Stop press: The bridge keeper has just checked the boats moored here and Western Lady is not displaying a licence, he is investigating.


Kevin said...

What on earth happened to good manners and civility?

I hope the bridge keeper hangs them out to dry... LOL

Serves them right too :)

Dave Winter said...

I would have p....d up the side of their boat,the pigs.

Dave Winter said...

Or emptied the cassette onto their poop deck,Ha! Ha!

nb piston broke said...

a sharp screwdriver below the water line comes to mind

Dave Bradshaw said...

Tupperware and steel plate don't mix
Oh dear!!!14bjzeso