Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tommi Nielson’s Boatyard.

IMG_1324 Wye Trow Hereford BullAs none of us got a glimpse of the replica Wye Trow that was built in Tommi’s yard especially to partake in the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames, here it is. It is called the Hereford Bull, is 36 feet long and represented Herefordshire in the pageant.  These Trows were last built around 200 years ago. Nielsons also worked on the royal row barge Gloriana which led the flotilla and carried members of the Royal Family.

IMG_1330Here the dry dock is being re-watered as the work on the hull of this boat had been completed.  The yard not only specialises in building new boats, but carries out repairs to all sorts of older boats too .

IMG_1329Boats moored outside the yard that are being worked on, or waiting to go in for repairs.


IMG_1333  . 

IMG_1327 De Jonga Cornelis 1892

This lovely old barge named De Jonga Cornelis was moored opposite and had the date 1892 painted on the rudder. I rather like the curvaceous shape of this boat. Well July looks like it is going to be very much like June, hot, cold, wet and windy. We are feeling like those model weather foretelling automatons, where the man pops out with an umbrella from one side, then the lady appears signally sunshine! We don’t know if we are suntanned or weather-beaten, either way we are told that  we look nice and brown!

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