Sunday, 8 July 2012

Boats again.

IMG_1352 The hereford Bull

One rare sunny afternoon on a walk up by Tommi Nielsen's Boatyard I saw The Hereford Bull with her cover off. So, now you can see all that lovely woodwork revealed in all its glory. What a huge rudder too.

IMG_1355 Gort

It was the turn of narrow-boat Gort, in the Samuel Barlow livery, to be in the dry dock for repair. Much of the woodwork had been taken out of her side and her bottom was being supported by wooden pillars.

IMG_1347 Firemen practicingAs if there wasn’t enough water around at the moment, the firemen came to practice spraying some more about! In fact being moored on the wall near Monk Meadow Dock must be one of the most noisiest places on this canal. Noise from the industrial units opposite, especially the one with the seagull scarer which sounds like a seagull being strangled! The cinema and fast food outlet seem to fill their huge bins with bottles and packaging needing to be emptied every day. Traffic thunders over High Orchard Bridge which is mainly made of metal. Then some evenings boy racers came to practice their skidding around the car-park opposite, the wetter and slipperier the better, so it seems! Good job that we had double glazed portholes fitted.

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