Friday, 20 July 2012

Cadbury’s Chocolate.

IMG_1451 Old Cadbury FactoryIn the background you can see the warehouses on Sandfield Wharf that were originally built for storage in WW2.

IMG_1464 Old Cadbury Factory Fretherne Wharf This is the old Cadbury’s Factory at Frampton Wharf. Local Milk, ground Cocoa Beans and Sugar were mixed together and baked here. The resulting Chocolate Crumb was then transported on the canal for final processing in their factory at Bourneville. The fleet of boats used for this were the Severn & Canal Carrying Company. Local milk was collected in churns by lorries, although Cadbury’s had their own boat which collected some churns which were left beside the canal by the farmers. Cadbury’s arranged for extra dredging of the canal alongside the wharf to accommodate the large coal barges that brought coal over from South Wales. The last cargo of crumb left here in c1961. The site is now used by several small industries. The main one being ‘Shipton Mill’ where their corn is ground into flour and packaged.

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