Monday, 23 July 2012

Making Hay while the Sun shines.


While the farmers are all hard at work, we are lazing around enjoying the sunshine, between chores of course, Luvly Jubbly innit!

IMG_1510In fact it is a bit too hot to be moving around much really, as you can see in this picture.

IMG_1507 GeeseEven the Geese were sensible enough to find a shady spot for lunch. Hoards of people came to picnic, boat watch, eat ice-cream and splosh about in canoes, sail their model boats and generally amble about.

IMG_1509Plastic boats zoom by while their owners sip drinks on the fly-bridge and gaze down on you, they know their place! Funny how most of them seem to have tenders behinds though! You always know when one has passed your boat. First you hear their deep loud gurgling engine, followed by a huge wave which sets your boat bobbing about on it’s mooring ropes like a cork!

IMG_1513 TessieThis BIG barge called ‘Tessie’ has to take the prize for being the loudest one so far. It  seems to have some sort of air cooled engine which got even noisier as it accelerated.


It went passed several times draped in bunting and at least thirty people sitting all over it. We could only think that some new owners were showing it off to their friends and family.

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