Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fair-weather photos.

IMG_1440 Cotton Wool Tufted Duck

I spotted the Cotton-wool Tufted Duck when loitering about in one of the rare sunny intervals that we are encountering in July!

IMG_1442 me one of my wives     IMG_1441 the bully

Another attraction for visitors seems to be the menagerie of feathered creatures that occupy the back garden of Saul Junction House. Each Cockerel has several ‘wives’ and there are also Ducks, Guinea Fowl and Geese wandering around.

IMG_1444 Jnct Geese     IMG_1463 Teasel

These two seem to guard the footbridge and only let the friendly people pass over it.

IMG_1466 ButterflyWith great patience I did eventually manage to catch one of these small brown butterflies, after following it flittering about endlessly trying to avoid my lens.

IMG_1457 Stormy SkyThen the grey skies returned and it was time to scuttle back for an afternoon cup of tea onboard with the ‘cabin-boy’! 

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