Monday, 9 July 2012

Mystery Wildflowers.

IMG_1350     IMG_1277 Purton 

This lovely square stemmed  one with tiny pale purple spikes of flowers could be Vervain according to my Little Gem book. The other plant has thin stems with pointed leaves all the way up the stem, with tiny yellow flowers at the top.

IMG_1190 Queen Anns Lace     IMG_1267 Poppy and Osteaspurnum

This one is Queen Anne's Lace maybe. And the Poppies and Osteospurnums were managing to survive down at the end of the windswept G+S Canal.

IMG_1226 Yellow StonecropIt is amazing how this tiny Yellow Stonecrop can thrive in the driest smallest spots imaginable. The secret of it’s survival is that it is able to store moisture in it’s leaves. Wildflowers are truly amazing, they are trampled on by animals and humans and do not receive any special treatment like cultivated garden specimens do. So much land has been ploughed up by farmers, or built over, yet these delicate little plants manage to survive in the few wild spaces left. Many of them all along the edges of our canals for us to enjoy.


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

I thing the tall yellow/green flower spike is "Weld" AKA "Dyer's Rocket" used to provide a bright yellow in the old days of dying cloth.

M n M

Steve Heaven said...

Just come across your blog.
Are you waiting for the Severn to become passable again? Our boat 'Just Heaven' is currently moored just north of Parkend bridge. We have been trying to get back to Stourport for the last 3 weeks. If it keeps on raining I think we'll be here quite a bit longer!


bottle said...

Hi Steve

We will be going north again but there is no rush at the moment.