Sunday, 24 July 2011

Zig-zagging along to Stone.

IMG_0010 B82 nose to noseBridge 82 was displaying an unusual curved patterns of brickwork where we came nose to nose with another boat who had spotted us rather too late. We had blown the horn, but we had to wait for them to get back on their own side of the canal in order to pass them. They were very apologetic too.

IMG_0012 Sandon Lock   IMG_0013 Sandon Lock

The approach to Sandon Lock was pretty with grass and aromatic Pineapple Weed growing in the cracks between the rustic cobble-stones. I like the smell of this which rises up on sunny days as you walk over it. The red sandstone steps were well worn by the many feet that have passed up them to turn the lock.

IMG_0025   IMG_0029 Half way

There were clear blue skies with white fluffy clouds slowly drifting across in the sunshine. The bridges seemed to be rather low, or sagging in places. The canal was quite twisty too, with many oncoming boats, so Bottle did well to negotiate the boat through without making any contact or running aground. At Aston Lock the milepost showed that we were equidistant between Shardlow and Preston Brook. That means we have completed forty eight miles from Shardlow to Stone in just twelve days! There is yet another newish looking marina at Aston, which seemed to be almost full up with boats we noticed. It has a Farm Shop, Butchers and Bistro on site too.

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