Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Stone Weekend.

IMG_0031 StoneStone seems to welcome canal folks as can be seen by the many boats that are moored up throughout the town. We pulled into the first space below the locks, only to find that half the boat could stay for 48hrs and the other half for 5 days. So, when the boat behind left we pulled Oakfield back so we could spend a few days here. There is a Co-op and a Morrison’s as well as a good variety of smaller shops to visit.

On Saturday our Daughter and Grandson came to see us and after a long chat over coffee aboard we went up to The Star for lunch. We were able to sit in the conservatory overlooking the lock to watch the boats go by. Afterwards we walked into the shopping centre which has been pedestrianised  and tarted up since our last visit on a hire boat many years. En-route we passed this lovely boat garden and on the other side of the road were some gigantic brown glazed pots full of flowers too.

IMG_0018 walking in the gutters   IMG_0003

This is just one of the lovely flower displays along the main street. Our grandson seems to have a fascination for bridges and tunnels so he was in his element here. He just had to explore all the covered alleyways leading off to the sides and pause under the canal bridges. He went for a swing in the playground and was then very content to play with his trains and cars in the cratch waving to the passing boaters. What an enjoyable day we had, although it was rather exhausting keeping up with a toddler being so near to the waters-edge.

IMG_0015This  quaint old thatched pub stands at the top of the street over in Station Road. Since we have been here we have had the greenery on one side of the boat nibbled off by the gang of big ducks hereabouts. We can also hear the church clock striking from here, and of course the bells rung out on Sunday morning.

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