Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weekend at Trent Lock.

Friday we spent cruising down to Trent Lock in the sunshine. We met Dove and Trout, followed by Cassiopeia and Minerva who had taken part in the Braunston Working Boats Gala. They told us that they took an annual jaunt up the Erewash Canal on their return to their moorings. Anyway we were glad to see them  and exchange locks with them.

IMG_0016 Lock House Tea Rooms   IMG_0011 Lockhouse Tearooms  

When we arrived we were lucky enough to glide into the last mooring space and after a snack we walked around to Cranfleet Lock to see where we were heading next. Trent Lock Tea Rooms were busy with snacks and cream teas when we passed by.

As Saturday was a beautiful hot sunny day people were out in droves, with quite a few boats on the move too.

IMG_0017 Soldenella   IMG_0060 nearly 5lbs of fish won

About a dozen fishermen arrived and set up for a days match. The winners fishes weighed in at nearly 5lbs, of course the large Carp and Pike escaped from his rod! Thirsty customers were gathered outside The Steamboat Inn which is ideally placed for gongoozling.

IMG_0058 Dove Trout

FMC Dove, and Trout returned early afternoon from their two day jaunt  up to Langley Mill at the end of the Erewash Canal. Apparently Dove has no weed hatch so the prop has to be cleared by poking stuff out with the boat hook.

IMG_0061 Marquis

IMG_0062 Cassiopeia Woolich

Marquis and Cassiopeia with their single handed crews also returned late afternoon to moor up behind us. This plaque is mounted on Cassiopeia giving the details of it’s build.

IMG_0063 plate on Cassiopeia 

Around the corner The Trent Lock Inn was busy too, having been recently refurbished and re-named, from The Navigation Inn. Well what a scorcher of a weekend, I don’t think I have worn my shorts for so long until now. It certainly brought the crowds out, cycling, sailing, canoeing, walking and feasting at the two pubs and little Tea Rooms. We had Sunday lunch at The Steamboat, good job we were able to arrive there early I think. When we emerged James on Marquis b1898, and Mick who was with the Woolwich Cassiopeia, were just queuing for the lock so we helped them down. We waved them off up the Trent as they opened up their engines on the river, a lovely site. We think that we prefer to see them in their natural habitat rather than in a crowded cavalcade at Braunston.

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