Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wandering to Willington.

Wandering because there were many moored boats to be passed on tick-over. We pulled into Mercia Marina to use their visitor moorings.

IMG_0055 Oakfield at Mercia Marine visitor moorings 

Bottle popped into the Midland Chandlers, then we went over to their splendid bustling cafe for a snack. There are four visitor moorings provided and the marina is beautifully spread out with footpaths around grassy areas and flowerbeds, and of course many boats. We popped from the cafe into the shop and the boat sales office. Having spotted Whitefield for sale (link to sales page), we were curious to see how much it was selling for and amazingly it is less than half it’s original price tag! We moved on along stopping at Willington services and were hoping to moor there, but it seems to be a very popular spot having three pubs, so not surprisingly it was full up so we continued on past bridge 24 to moor.

IMG_0057 Candy Boat Shop at Willington

I walked back into the village today to the Co-op and Post Office, there is also a sweet shop, florists, hairdressers and pharmacy. The Candy Boat Shop was moored alongside the Green Dragon Inn where people were sat enjoying their coffee/beer in the sunshine.

IMG_0058 Willington nr Green Dragon Inn

A few boats have moved now as the moorings there are limited to 48 hours only. 

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