Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Along to Alrewas.


Another day of sunshine and showers as we cruised to Alrewas calling into Barton Turns Marina to be pumped out. Of course the wind was gusting when we turned in so we scraped some green paint off the gunnel on a bit of metal that was sticking out. We arrived at Alrewas at lunchtime so after a snack aboard I set off to explore the village. There are a handful of shops, pubs and thatched cottages. This one was the prettiest and had garden produce and preserves for sale so we has fresh tasty runner beans with our evening meal.

IMG_0084 Alrewas   IMG_0090

I spotted this fire-mark on the wall of a cottage and this is a detail of a gorgeous mosaic in pebbles and glass blobs on the pub car park wall which was made in 2006.

IMG_0003   IMG_0009 Anthony Coates Butchers

We liked the wrought iron signage at the entrance to the village. Anthony Coates the butchers shop has a wonderful selection of meat, pies and fresh fruit and veg.

IMG_0013 shakespeare Cottage   IMG_0007

Shakespeare Cottage has some nice wood patterns set against the white plasterwork, the back of the other thatched cottage overlooks the canal and they are both up for sale at present.

IMG_0006 Manor FarmhouseHow about Manor Farmhouse for your next abode then Lynne?


I rather liked this long cottage which seems to be tired as it is leaning backwards, what a character home! We give Alrewas 10/10 as it is an interesting place with just enough shops, pubs interesting cottages and footpaths all around.

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