Saturday, 23 July 2011

Weston on Trent


This is the well kept Colwich Lock and Cottage complete with it’s outside loo  which was being used as a roost for their chickens.

IMG_0010We also passed this cottage which was displaying all kinds of canal and railway plaques on it’s front wall. One of them was for ‘Sharpness New Docks and Gloucester and Birmingham Navigation Company Ltd. ‘


One of the old red brick canal buildings was a thriving little Tea Room busy with customers with a view overlooking the activities around the lock.

IMG_0013 Footbridge to Shugborough     IMG_0015 Gt Heyford

There was just enough room for us to squeeze past this old working boat which was moored near the fancy iron footbridge leading over to Shugborough. This little building was opposite the boatyard at Great Heywood Junction where we turned in under the bridge to stop to fill with diesel.

IMG_0016 Gt Heyford

Having successfully manoeuvred back to the the pump to fill up we then turned  under the little bridge and left in the direction of The Potteries.

IMG_0017 Weston on Trent

Another dry day of cruising along to Weston on Trent where we moored for the night. We discovered just what a lovely well kept village it is too when we went wandering around. There is a large lake and chickens scratching about on the grass by the footpath from the canal. We came to the long well manicured village green area which is overlooked by a quaint pub called The Woolpack, so we popped in for our evening meal. When we arrived back at Oakfield all the moorings were taken. We give the thumbs up to this beautiful area and it was nice and quiet overnight too, that is until the cockerel started crowing about 4.30am!

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