Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Shardlow weekend.

IMG_0022 Mile Iron   IMG_0015 Clock Warehouse b1780

Just a short trip today between the showers upstream to join the Trent and Mersey Canal to moor by this lovely Mile-iron cast by R+D in Stone in 1819. On our brief walkabout we saw the old Clock Warehouse which has a date stone of 1780 and is a large pub. Access for boats used to be under the archway in the centre where a replica of a barge called Derbyshire Lass has been built.

IMG_0017 Derwent House   IMG_0009 old Salt warehouse

I liked the cheerful red door and grand entrance into Derwent House under a sandstone porch dated 1794. This little white building backs onto the canal and was the Salt Warehouse, now converted into cottages. The salt was needed to preserve food before fridge/freezers were invented.

IMG_0020 Stevens No1 Corn Mill b1816This was F E Stevens No1 Corn Mill which is now a grand residential/commercial building.

IMG_0012 Stevens old warehouseThis was another Stevens warehouse which now houses a furniture business. In fact nearly all the large buildings have the painted remains of ‘Stevens’ on them and it is nice to see that they have been preserved and still in use. As I am composing the blog this afternoon we have a massive thunderstorm right overhead and it is belting down, with enormous hailstones mixed in. Bottle is amused as the thunder is making me jump every time! I feel sorry for the fisherman that I was chatting to along the bank, he must be soaked through by now.  The towpath by our boat has now been transformed into a small river. Well, nearly time to cook our evening meal which is one of our favourites Cauliflower Cheese with Chips and rolled up bacon cooked in the oven, yum.

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