Monday, 2 May 2011


IMG_0001 Marionette

What about this one then Dave? Is this the smallest narrow boat you have ever seen on the system? It is called Marionette and the great advantage of it is that it came sneak into locks with other boats with ease. We have seen some very strange things on roofs of boats, but we really liked the vase of flowers on the front.

IMG_0007  We watched ‘Percy’ chug beautifully out of the lock and admired his lovely shiny engine.

IMG_0004 Percys Lister engine

Can anyone recognise what make of engine this is?


Sunday morning was spent as usual talking to various members of our family on the phone. We then went along to The Boat Inn for one of their roast dinners. We sat outside in the sunshine and didn’t have to wait long to be served considering that it was so busy. We took up their two for one offer at £11.95. The beef was very tasty and tender, accompanied by three types of vegetables, roasties and Yorkshire pud, the meal served was nice and hot.

On our trip into Rugby Mick asked us to buy him some braces. We tracked down two pairs at £15 and £10, but were recommended to go to Peacocks where we got a pair for £5. A visit to the Farmers Market saw us stocked up with their delicious Cornish pasties and a Lemon Cake. I seem to be getting a bit lazy, and it is too hot to be cooking cakes here on board really!


Dave Winter said...

Nice little boat but I would have to sleep with the back doors open for my feet to stick out of :)

James said...

I think the engine is a Lister CS2, but I'm not 100% sure.