Thursday, 28 April 2011

Busy in Braunston


We have been idling in Braunston receiving our mail poste restante from the post office. We have been bussing to Daventry and Rugby for supplies and generally doing much ambling about and gongoozling.. Mick is here on nb Nell so we have been having tea and chatting with him quite a bit too. The junction and nearby service station  have been a bit congested at times with boats coming from all directions. I think the sun has brought everyone out from the marinas to blow away the winter cobwebs and the hire boats are out in force too.


This lovely cast iron plaque explains that tolls were collected here in the past.


At last I have finished the rag rug i started last winter and I am quite pleased with the end result. There are 50 rows, with 100 pieces per row, that’s 5,000 bits altogether! It took approximately a quarter of an hour to put each row in making twelve and a half hours work. This does not include the cost and sourcing of the T shirts and cutting them up into little strips. The hessian and hook cost £3 and Betty donated the nice red material for backing the finished article. Altogether I think it has cost about £100 to make and I really enjoyed doing it.

IMG_0003 Percy

It is nice to see that The Admiral Nelson has re-opened for business. We wandered up to sit outside in the sun to have coffee and to watch the boats in the lock.

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