Saturday, 14 May 2011

This ‘n’ that

IMG_0008 swans 6 chicks

A pair of proud swans have hatched out half a dozen eggs and they brought the little grey fluff balls along to see us. They were very protective of their cygnets and paddled their feet to raise themselves up in the water to look bigger.

IMG_0001 Dreamsong

We liked this well loved, highly polished, boat that came gently throbbing past us, it is well named as Dreamsong. We have recently seen quite a few aptly named boats, The Kids Inheritance, Noah’s Ark, Nice Butt, and my favourite one, Travellers Joy.

IMG_0052 nb Annie Wright

The busy season has now started with boats streaming in all directions at Braunston Junction.

On Thursday we said goodbye to Lynne who was going away for a family weekend. Paul and Mick came round for farewell afternoon tea and cake with us.

Friday was the thirteenth so we took things steady as we set off to attend to all our tanks. Luckily we found a spot to moor overnight below the locks. We strolled up to the shop for some milk and bumped into Graham who had brought Alnwick up to get her bottom blacked at the Wharf House. So he joined us on board for a chat and we polished off the last of the boat cake with tea. It was lovely to see you Graham and learn about your recent exploits.

Saturday, we set off early in bright sunshine up the locks and through the tunnel. Turning left at Norton Junction we slid into the last available mooring spot. It’s funny old weather, although the sun is out the cold breeze stops it’s warmth coming through to us. Hadar has just passed after doing their own bottom blacking and having a specially made Crowther propeller fitted at Welford. They said they are very pleased with its performance already.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

The best boat name I have seen latley was down at Stockton last week called "Ferkham Hall"