Monday, 9 May 2011

Working Boats

IMG_0050  As we approached Braunston two BW boats caught us up, so we let them overtake us. The push-tug and barge clipped the bridge ’ole, while his mate was watching him he ran aground!

They have been doing a grand patching job on the eroding towpaths using small bags of cement topped with large sharp grey chippings. This seems to be in vogue for laying on the towpaths now, but it is not very pleasant to walk on.

          IMG_0056 Yaht


The lovely yacht is supported on a special platform outside the marina workshop waiting to be attended to.


IMG_0054 Nuneaton Brighton 

Nuneaton passed us with butty Brighton in tow, they looked beautifully maintained. The two of them negotiated the bend at the junction without touching Chertsey and the other big barge moored behind it. They went on to moor abreast just by the marina entrance.


IMG_0048 Hampton Hadar

This is ex-working boat Hampton passing by Hadar which was moored outside The Boat Inn for lunch.

We are in the process of making some seat cushions for Oakfield's cratch area. We looked around for some high density foam and eventually bought a small mattress which we cut in half and trimmed to fit. Now we have found some nice blue/green check material in Dunelm, so all I have to do now is masses of hand stitching as there is no sewing machine on board!

With this hot sunny weather, mixed with a few showers, the greenery has all burst forth and the ducklings seem to be multiplying. I think Spring and Autumn are our favourite times of the year because everything changes so much in those two seasons. I have made boat cake and we are enjoying Lynne and Paul’s company when they come along to help us eat it.

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