Sunday, 22 May 2011

Windy weather.

IMG_0017 Crick Millenium Wood 7.12 acres

We had a walk around Crick Millennium Wood, a seven and a half acre public wildlife space near Cracks Hill. The local people decided that this was a  beneficial project to spend the £6,5000 raised during their millennium celebrations. We think it is nice too and it seems to be used by walkers, with or without dogs, every day. The cows were friendly creatures and one even let Bottle stroke her head. The calves were all queuing up to try the swing in the tree!

IMG_0016 we want to swing

Onwards we went up into Crick heading for The Red Lion for roast Sunday lunch. There is a tiny bar and only four small rooms which were packed with customers when we arrived. The food is served very hot and reasonably priced we recommend that you visit to see for yourselves.  

IMG_0018 Canopus has balls

We admired this boat’s balls, we could do with some of those ourselves, to moor further away from the shallow edge. The pound is very low and Oakfield is a bit lop-sided sitting as it is on the bottom, of soft mud. It is also extremely windy here, I think if we put a sail up we could cruise along without using the engine!

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