Tuesday, 3 May 2011


IMG_0042  Hadar Jo Keith


We spotted Keith and Jo Lodge moored outside the Boathouse on nb Hadar sporting their new darker blue paintwork which they  did themselves. They will soon be off to do their own bottom blacking too. In the afternoon they joined us for a drink and long chat on all things boaty. It is a real education meeting up with others who live on their boats. As Keith and Jo are also traders they meet up with many other live aboard boaters who are customers for their coal delivery between Crick and Market Harborough. Among other things on their website they have some rather nice rag rugs for sale which they have made themselves. Earlier our friends John and Jill (nb Phoenix) paid us a visit which was nice because we hadn’t seen them to chat to since Crick Show a year ago.

IMG_0040 Duck 4chicks

This is one of our ducky neighbours who roosts opposite Oakfield, she used to have six duckling but now only has five.

IMG_0041 Duck 15 chicks

This mother duck amazingly has reared fifteen ducklings! Is this a record we wonder?

As our time was up we decided to have a detour along to Hillmorton so that I can have my hair cut. It was a lovely sunny day again and we met quite a few oncoming boats along the way, including Bella. We noticed that there were chaps doing some surveying inside the new Barby Marina, so maybe things are on the move again there. We have never seen so many boats moored above the locks here near the old radio station. Could it be that there are good strong signals for tv, phones and computers here, I wonder?  It would be nice and peaceful here with only the sound of passenger trains whooshing by, but there are also long heavy goods trains thundering past!


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Wozie, fifteen Ducklings! I think that must be a record. My Mrs Puddle Duck who I photographed in an earlier post of mine, with her eighteen ducklings, is sadly now down to five. Your Mummy Duck must be very protective, well done to her!


Jo (Coalwoman) said...

Was so nice to see you both that day. Love the photo as well. Happy Cruising this summer. We are now at Hawkesbury Junction. x