Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yelvertoft meander.

IMG_0009 Tudor Cottage     IMG_0013 thatch cat on roof

I set off in the other direction along the Bridleway towards Yelvertoft today. It is nice to explore all the different routes and shortcuts into the villages within reach of the canal. There is one main street through the village which retains it’s Post office Stores thank goodness. I think it may be busier now that Yelvertoft Marina is completed and nearly full of boats. There is a small Butchers shop which only opens three days a week, a Church, Chapel and a small School too. There is a good mix of dwellings with several beautiful thatched cottages mingling in among them. Above is Tudor Cottage and the other one has an ornamental thatched cat on the gable end.

IMG_0010 sun firemark    IMG_0014 Ye Olde Panniers

The left one has a sun fire-mark on the front and the other one, called Ye Olde Panniers has old lettering saying ‘Manning Noted Stouts’ on the front wall. It may well have been a pub in the past. On my return journey I met Auntie Maisie who was weeding her garden. She obviously likes a chat and told me she had been born in the village had been the school cook there. She sells eggs from her hens and gave me a bunch of mint to cook with my potatoes for lunch, how kind. There is small red brick building which used to be a Reading Room, on the front of which is a fine sandstone Sundial bearing the date 1792. Newspapers and books were expensive items years ago that many could not afford to buy. These items would be provided to encourage the poor with their reading, nowadays we have libraries.

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