Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cratch Lawn

Monday we got the Astro Turf and Bottle duly fitted if neatly over the cratch floor. We are hoping that it will catch all the fine grit as we step in to take our shoes off. It is warmer, will be easier to clean, and it won’t matter if it gets wet either. So we can sit out in the deckchair on our own lawn now! We walked into Yelvertoft along the towpath and bought some newly laid eggs from Maisie, returning down the bridleway to Oakfield.


I liked the design of this unusual old house, which may have originally been thatched, unfortunately it didn’t have a name.

IMG_0026 Coniston 

This little boat was bravely fighting it’s way through the wind and the waves. (This is not the one mentioned below) Yesterday I cleaned the portholes and replaced the worn foam that cushions the glass from the frames.

Today we did a marathon walk and bus ride into Asda at Rugby to fill our two trolleys with essentials. Of course we popped into Wetherspoons for coffee and buns to give us the energy for our return trip.

By the way we heard the Cuckoo last week. We haven’t heard it for years and strangely enough we only ever hear it just the once. How about you?

Another ‘Alf Garnet’ of the waterways sped by us in his little canal boat creating huge breaking waves in his wake. Bottle was leaning out of the side doors and asked him if he ever looked behind him? This sparked him off, shouting out his entire repertoire of swearwords at us as he passed. His wife looked on smiling meekly as they  quickly vanished around the bend. It’s a good job we have some of Graham’s tyre fenders to act as buffers between us and the metal Armco edging.

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