Saturday, 13 February 2010

A varied day.

An unusual duck.
We met Maffi and Bones at Annie's tea Room for coffee and cake and bacon sandwiches this morning. 
Then Bottle went off for crewing duties aboard the good ship Bones which was bound for Oxford. Maffi and I took Molly walking to bid them bon voyage and then returned to the tearooms for a spot of light lunch.
I sampled the most delicious Carrot and Ginger soup freshly made this morning by Annie. She also makes wonderful cakes, scones, and cookies too. 
During the winter months she is only open on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday but also serves up warming snacks. They have a Morso Squirrel solid fuel stove newly installed so the customers are all kept toasty and warm inside.  
As it was a warmish afternoon I washed the boat down and dried and buffed it to a nice shine. The stern and the cratch area were caked in mud after cruising, so I did them as well. The inside of the boat looks a bit like a chinese laundry at the moment with all the washing hanging up to dry.
Tonight Maffi and Bottle are whetting their whistles in the Boat Inn while I am having a relaxing night in.

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