Monday, 22 February 2010

A Hunting We Did Go.


We have enjoyed quite a few nice sunny days lately so we managed to get a few jobs done outside.

Yesterday Maffi, Bottle, and I took the dogs for a long walk to go fishing in the canal with the magnets. The stuff that we pulled out were various bits of bicycles, an exhaust pipe and other useless ironmongery. We were hoping to retrieve a lost klaxon, but ended up with four windlasses and a giant mooring pin. Not bad for just one afternoons haul. We were all quite weary and cold when we returned to our boats for tea by the fire.

It was through necessity that we set of in a flurry of snow this morning to fill up with water. We are now moored in a nice quiet spot outside  the Sherrif of Kidlingtons house.

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