Saturday, 27 February 2010

Aristotle Lane Bridge to Kidlington

We left our mooring early-ish in bright sunlight and thought we were in for a lovely days cruising, but it didn’t last long as it turned grey and rained intermittently from then on. At one point I thought that the cratch cover was on fire, only to find that it was steaming with the heat of the sun. We passed a narrow boat with the amusing name of “The Duke of Damnation” and another that was occupied by cats.


Who is the King of the Castle then?

We met up with the good ship Bones and shared the working of the locks and lift bridges together. Several hire boats came up from Oxford Cruisers too, on “Hen” and “Stag” weekends. Maffi came down on his bicycle with Molly running alongside to meet us. Thanks for your help Maffi.




Boots enjoyed a walk along the towpath, I like this silhouette image of him with Bottle and nb Bones. It chose to pour with rain while we filled up our water tank at Langford Lane bridge so we were glad to change into some dry clothes and get a hot drink when we moored up. As I couldn’t contact Graham and Jane on nb Alnwick  which is moored further on at Thrupp, I walked up to see her and her ankle is much better after having all those metal pins put in to mend her broken bones. We six are all meeting up for roast lunch and a jolly good chat tomorrow in the pub.


owen said...

I spotted you on your mooring on my way past to visit Dad this morning - the heating in my car seems to b playing up so I was jealous of the comfortable looking plume of smoke coming out of Oakfield's chimmney - looked very snug.

Glad you enjoyed Oxford it being my home town and all!

Best regards.


Anonymous said...

Those cats on the boat are being stalked by an enormous duck!

Did you warn them?


bottle said...

Hi Owen

In fact we liked it so much we shall be visiting again by bus this time.


Did not notice the duck until you mentioned it.