Friday, 26 February 2010

Oxford Walkabout Take 2


This is nb Oakfield retuning back up through Isis Lock No.46 from the Thames. It says in our Pearson's guide that the lock was called Louse Lock, I wonder why the name was changed?

IMG_0030 Bicycles are very popular in Oxford and probably quicker for getting around the city on. This row would make a good advert for the re-use of Sainsbury’s carrier bags, wouldn’t it?

Yesterday we wandered over Port Meadow, or Wolvercote Common as it is also called. It was rather muddy with some areas of flooding after all the rain. There were a few horses, ducks, various geese, and small brown birds that looked rather like Thrushes. We crossed over the bridge to walk down the Thames towpath, the water was fairly high and running quite fast. It was also fairly windy, even so several sculling crews were out with their instructors practicing their rowing skills. This team of eight seem to have two oars each, is this unusual?


We were glad to return to the confines of our lovely warm boat for a hot drink after all that.

IMG_0002 a canoe tree

This is the “canoe tree” that is at the end of one of the gardens ,opposite where we are moored.


nb piston broke said...

all this old iron you keep finding how long before you get a Transit with a orses on the cab door

James said...

The rowing boat you saw is quite an unusual type. There's two types of rowing- rowing which has one oar each, and sculling, which has two. Because doing too much rowing can cause muscles to develop asymmetrically in your back, you're not allowed to do it until you're 16+, and so what you saw was an Octuple- probably from one of the local schools, where the kids have two oars each but won't screw up the development of their muscles.

A friend of mine has one arm longer than the other because of too much rowing at a young age!

wozie and bottle said...


Thank you, it was a local school, there were six or more 'boats' out but this was the only Octuple.

They were being 'chased' by their instructors, in their little catamarans,it was strange as all the male instructors had megaphones but the only lady did not seem to need one.