Sunday, 7 February 2010

Aynho to Thrupp

 Lower Heyford Wharf Bridge.

It was impossible for us to line our boat up with the bridge hole here as there were far too many boats moored encroaching right into the middle of the canal. We scraped the bows of these two as we passed and noticed that many other boaters has also done the same. 
Oxfordshire narrow-boats should not be allowed to do this, should they?

Doctor Bones contacted us to ask if we could rendezvous for a barbecue with them at the Old Quarry at Kirtlington and luckily we weren't far away. When we arrived we moored up behind Mark's boat Helene of Troy,  narrow-boat Bones and Maffi on the Milly M. Stephan was a house guest aboard the good ship Bones for the weekend too.
We had gathered plenty of dry firewood for the camp-fire along the way. After a chat and cup of tea  everyone retired to their own boats for a rest and to cook baked potatoes, roast vegetables, lamb and sausages. We were going to finish the cooking over the BBQ, but after much fanning and blowing with our bellows we couldn't get it going. We gave up after Bones discovered that the charcoal was in fact coal!

Stanley was too exhausted after chewing his bone to even hold his head up!

After eating all the delicious food we settled back with plenty of wine and beer and listened to Bones then Maffi sing a few songs accompanied by their guitars. Boots, Molly and Stanley amused themselves while we all chatted away. Strangely, everywhere Stephan pitched his chair he  found that he was sitting in the smoke from the fire. It was nearly 12 o'clock by the time we realised that it had gone way past all our bedtimes.

Kirtlington to Thrupp.

The Old Quarry Wharf BBQ venue.

We took the dogs for a run around the quarry after breakfast, it is so beautifully laid out with walks all around a large central flat space. It provides a wonderful peaceful place for contemplation and is very well used.

The Stone Circles.

The dogs enjoyed their freedom.

Bottle and Maffi enjoying their coffee break while I walked back to close the lock-gate and then on to open the lift bridge. It was so heavy and out of balance that this would have been impossible for me if a passing jogger had not offered his help! Thank you that man.

We moored up on the 14 day spaces below Shipton Bridge and went along to Annie's tea rooms for refreshments. Bottle helped Maffi turn and reverse his boat to its mooring. Later on we all walked down for tasty soup, bread and a selection of cheeses, tea and cake prepared by Bones.
Thank you Bones and Maffi for a wonderfully entertaining weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Let us know what BW says (and does) when you draw their attention to the badly moored boats.

I'm sure you won't be joining the ranks of all those who cruise past and mutter about BW's lack of action without giving them a chance to act.

Maffi said...

Oh well done Wozie! Good pic of the dogs in action.

Wozie said...

Hello Paul,
I have drawn up a list which I will be sending off to BW as soon as I get the address from Maffi.

MortimerBones said...

Is the address I was given earlier.

It was a lovely weekend and made even better by the fact that you were both there!

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

All that's required to report a problem is a short email to the appropriate area.

Sometimes attaching a photo or including a link to a blog picture will help explain things.

The address for your area is

The full list of areas is at which is also available as a printed leaflet from any BW office.

It's usually best to report just one problem per email. That way then can forward it to one manager who can deal with it and respond.

If you report several problems in one email they have to split it between several managers and co-ordinate the replies. This can delay the reponse and complicate things.

MortimerBones said...

I just sent for emails and they bounced I am going to write to instead.

MortimerBones said...


Is the email address to write to!