Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Monday we had to move, as the water tank was empty and of course it decided to snow. After watering we moved on two whole miles to Kidlington Green.


Tuesday we walked into Kidlington, I needed some screws, we bought two rubber mats for the counter (stern of boat) and a few items we didn’t know we needed. smile_thinking

Wednesday and the move to Oxford was decided upon, a slow journey, as it always is, with all the residential boats on this part of the canal. Uneventful journey, except that Wozie took the boat through two lift bridges. I did did some ‘fishing’ in one of the locks and came up with a shovel and a mooring pin, I think that may beat four windlas we got a few days before with Maffi.


Dropped down Isis lock and turned, the boards were up warning of a ‘Strong Stream’ and came back up on the canal. Moored at Jericho and wandered into town. People everywhere, we had a coffee on the pavement, well not actually on the pavement we sat at a table that was, and watched the people go by. We do like people watching.


Moved up to Aristotle Lane as it will be quieter here, away from the train station.

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