Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Today is one of those sort of grey misty-moisty days here. Bottle walked to Screw-fix for fire and carbon monoxide alarms, he got one, but the other one won't be in until tomorrow.
Then we went off to Morrisons to stock up the food cupboards, returning like a couple of donkeys with heavily laden rucksacks.
After stowing everything away we trotted off to Wetherspoons for a very late lunch. It always seems to be fairly busy in these places and there was a notice saying that they sold 1048 pints of real ale last week! We were sitting by the entrance where all the packets of condiments were kept. We noticed that it seems to be a habit of some exiting customers to fill their pockets up with sachets as they passed by! One old boy had a few too many in his jogging pants, hope he managed to totter home without them falling down.
This evening we shall relax by the fire with hot cross buns for our tea, luvly jubbly!

So, as it was too dull for taking any photos today, here is one I took earlier, as they say.
This chap was sitting by the lock with his Barn Owl last September.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

One like this flying around our house, but it doesn't sit on my sholder

nb piston broke said...

seems you only stop where there is a Wetherspoons must be something in that WE had boat cake and custard for pud tonight however I had to suck it Paul

Anonymous said...
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Bottle said...

Anonymous, e-mail me proof of what you said with, suitable identification of your self and I will consider my course of action.