Saturday, 20 February 2010

Do Not Believe Everything On The ‘net

Yesterday we were filled by ‘Dusty’ with diesel and coal, I did some woodwork, Bones popped by on her way to one of Phil Speights painting courses. Maffi had dinner with us and stayed for the evening. Such a busy day but the weather was wonderful.

Today Maffi had to do the things that all boaters do fill up and empty out. smile_wink

So we gave him a hand, well I went for the ride, of course we had to pop into Annie’s Tea Room for Chocolate Brownie. Wozie joined us, when all was done Maffi and I took the boat, Wozie walked Boots, back to his mooring.


Edited   2010_0220Kidlington0009adjusted

Spot the difference? Sorry no prizes.

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