Friday, 27 February 2015

Trees in the landscape.

IMG_8273          IMG_8274

We have experienced many grey skies recently, but we quite like this as it silhouettes the trees against it beautifully. I was fascinated to see this very unusual smoking tree, looking rather like an Aladdin's Lamp!

IMG_8275                IMG_8250 fenny Compton

We enjoy cruising slowly through the country landscape as there is so much to see at every twist and turn. It is nice and peaceful too, most of the time, which helps us relax and distracts us from the rat race that is occurring on land. Listening to the news on the radio is quite annoying at the moment with all the political parties promising to do great things for our country, half of which are never carried out once they get elected though. It it so reminiscent of that old TV programme ‘Yes Minister’ do you remember watching that?

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