Monday, 9 February 2015

Here and there.

IMG_8175a  IMG_8209  IMG_8169

This is the gravestone of the Nurser family who owned and ran  Braunston Dockyard up until 1941 where Frank Nurser painted Roses and Castles on the boats. Further on in the village is a tall red brick house. Nice to see that the bricks have not been hidden under paint as so often happens. There are a few signs of spring hereabouts too and the weather is turning warmer for longer, at last.

IMG_8186  IMG_8204  IMG_8183

The sheep with their lambs have been ambling about the ridge and furrow fields of the long gone medieval village of Braunstonbury. The locks are now open again and many boats have passed by breaking the ice up enabling it it melt quicker. Carolyn and I have done one more trolley run by bus, so are now fully stocked for take off. We always enjoy our stay here as there is so much open countryside to enjoy, but now our time is up so we must away again.

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