Saturday, 21 February 2015

Family visit.

IMG_8330 ea   IMG_8314a   IMG_8338 ea

It was a rather grey drizzly day for our visitors but we managed to keep busy on board as you can see. The birthday boy unwrapped his presents, a new outfit for the summer, a Peppa Pig nightlight and Gruffalo puzzle book which he likes. Here’s the ‘artist at work’ making us a cheery rainbow picture to brighten up our day. We then went off for a luscious lunch together, with pudding for the boys as they managed to clear their dinner plates, hurrah. Back aboard we read story books and did maths in the form of weighing things on my little balance scales and recording the differences in the items. All in all a very enjoyable, exciting  time, but also very tiring too for us old ‘uns.

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