Friday, 13 February 2015

Fenny Compton.

IMG_8250 IMG_8255 IMG_8254

After spending a nice quiet night moored near the Engine Arm we had an early start. Engine Arm Lock was the easiest lock we have operated for a while as it is well balanced and maintained. Once up through Marston Doles were were in the top pound which was completely ice free. met a couple of oncoming boats but otherwise an enjoyable cruise all around the twiddley bits. Another grey day as you can see on the only picture I took en-route. On arrival at Fenny Compton a few boats were moored on the 48 hours but they had managed space themselves out so much we couldn’t get in. luckily a boat took off from the 14 day moorings, so we slid into that with a boater on the bank taking out centre rope. His friendly little dog called Eric came to greet us then went to bury his bone in the hedge. After much chattering we went inside Oakfield to warm up with jacket potato for me and toasted tea cakes for him, luvly jubbly.


Dave Winter said...

Love the tree photo. I have a signed copy of a tree in mist by David Shepherd of elephant painting fame. I'll put it on my blog for you to see when I take a pic of it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Dave! Yes, I like to see stand alone trees in all their glory as 'Oakfield' conjures up a similar vision for me. I have missed a few shots too, as it is difficult when taking pics from our boat on the move. Look forward to seeing yours now.