Saturday, 7 February 2015


IMG_8199    IMG_8200    IMG_8201

A great scrunching of ice made me jump up to look out to see a push tug almost swing into the bow of our boat as he had no control over the steering in the ice. When he saw my astonished expression he mouthed ‘sorry’, so that’s ok then is it? He then put his engine into hard reverse to avoid us, but then the flat that he was pushing swung across very close to the boat behind us! Then the following work boat overtook him, what fun, not.

IMG_8202                IMG_8203

I think it did help when they saw me with my camera as they slowed down just a tad. Hate to think what all these boats passing us through the ice are doing to our recent bottom blacking! Anyway, these two are on route back to Rose Narrowboats, so look out if you’re moored on their route.


Anonymous said...

hi guys not a nice place to be when its cold. we are at the bottom of atherstone and have not seen a boat move since the ice came down enjoy all on nb timewarp

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, in a way as your blacking will survive. It's nice here but so many boats going by pushing ice-burghs along the side of us. Some just giving their boats a run along from the marina and back to see if they still work!