Monday, 16 February 2015


IMG_8268 Brasnose Inn   IMG_8261   IMG_8267 only 48hr in village

We went on to moor just above Cropredy Lock where there are moorings for around ten boats, but limited to 24hrs all year round. We wondered why as we were the only boat there. Apparently it is another case of the residents lining the canal who don’t like boats mooring opposite, how sad is that? However, we do not complain when they spoil our quiet time sitting out on the towpath during the summer when they use their noisy lawnmowers and hedge-trimmers, do we? So next morning we moved on down to the ONLY 48 hour spot below the Bridge Stores. We had contacted our friends Graham and Jane nb Alnwick to meet us at the Brasenose Inn for a meal together, we were all looking forward to it, as it had been a while. We splashed out and had three very delicious courses with two bottles of Shiraz and had plenty to chatter about. On our way out we saw that a dog relaxing on the sofa by the fire in the bar, how homely is that? On my afternoon amble I spied this unusual pergola in someone’s garden. It seemed to be re-constructed from bits of an old wagon, what a brilliant idea.

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