Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Around Napton.

IMG_8243 IMG_8245 IMG_8246

The first picture was the scene the evening before, the next one, the morning after.. It was a bit of a misty morning when we went to turn and pause by the Stop-house water tap. When we approached Bridge 102 it was a bit of a squeeze. Not a good spot to moor yer wide-beam really, was it? We were quite surprised to encounter quite a few large sheets of ice floating in places. We knew nb Inca was ahead of us and we had met Jules Fuel-boat coming up too, which must have sliced the ice somewhat.

IMG_8248  IMG_8247  IMG_8249

There were quite a few boaters moored in remote country spots as we continued along towards Napton. There seemed to be a couple of fab big new houses newly built on the hillside just below the Windmill, luvly jubbly, if you’ve got oodles of cash!. We were going to moor above the first lock, but as they were in our favour we thought we would continue on up to moor at the top. However we were unlucky and a boat took off in front of us further up, never mind.

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