Sunday, 1 June 2014

Then and now 2

IMG_6456             IMG_6458

No 4 The Green is Eastrea House with it’s fading sign ‘Pebody’ on the wall above the door. It was the village post and telegraph office where Sarah Pebody worked from 1874 for the next 30 years. Interestingly it is up for sale, so if you fancy living in Braunston this may be the house for you! Like many houses hereabouts it has it’s own well.

Good ‘ere innit. A hire boat came smoking along with two blokes sat on the roof at the front. Turns out they are tending their BBQ on the roof with them. Unfortunately the two females in charge at the back nattering hit the concrete edge under the bridge and nearly catapulted the blokes and their lunch off.

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