Thursday, 12 June 2014

Around Hillmorton.

               IMG_6522                 IMG_6521

Well the locks have been busy today according to the volunteer lock keepers. Sixty boats had passed through the bottom lock before three o’clock. With the light evenings some boats are traveling until dusk, so goodness knows how many will have used the locks by then. I went to post some snail mail, then sat watching the boats go by for a while. A new engine was being fitted into a boat at the boatyard. There were loads of gongoozlers and cafe customers sitting outside Canal Chef enjoying the sunshine with drinks and icecream. We like the area between Rugby and Norton Junction because there are plenty of taps to fill our water tank up. So, it’s showers every day, instead of once a fortnight now, luxury indeed. All the washing has been done and dried on the same day too, perfick.

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