Saturday, 14 June 2014

Just a Perfick Day.

  IMG_6524  IMG_6529  IMG_6527  IMG_6528

We were up at 6.30am having slept well, but the trains start running quite early and may have woken us. On looking out the heat of the sun was causing an eerie mist to rise from the canal. After porridge with honey and a cuppa we decided to move off as our black tank was brim full. The water would have drained out of the locks overnight we thought. We were right and sailed straight in to the first one. Then we spied an old lady approaching, so opened up the other lock for her ascend. No other boats on the move until we got to Barby straight. Braunston moorings were pretty full as we cruised along to reverse into the marina. Another boat was at the services so we were invited to breast up behind him. The pump out equipment has all been renewed costing c£1,000 apparently, hence the price has gone up to £15 now. Still a good job which lasted about 9 minutes.

  IMG_6534  IMG_6535  IMG_6531  IMG_6536

Luckily we moored on the last remaining 48 hr space near the ladder footbridge. After a snack I went on a circular walk around Braunston. I just like all the quaint buildings spread out like little gems along the main street. Today has been mainly HOT with fabulous wispy white cloud patterns above us, luvly jubbly. Later on Steve and Denise nb Riverside Escape came calling and we enjoyed chatting all about our various cruises over a few drinks. They follow our blog so had a rough idea where we were, but we didn’t know our paths would cross, so it was a lovely surprise for us when we met up. Well that’s the joy of being on the waterways, the longer we are cruising the more friends we are making. All this happened on Friday !3th, with no mishaps, fantastic!


judith matthews said...

we seen you in the marina on the webcam

judith matthews said...

is the boat a hudson please

Dave Winter said...

Me eyes have gone all funny looking at your pics :-)

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

That must have been the other Oakfield you saw judith mathews, which is a Hudson we think.
Hope your eyes recover soon Dave, or you'll have to go to specsavers!
Yes, I do seem to have gone a bit bonkers with my fisheye lens.

judith matthews said...

the boat in todays pics

Wozie said...

Which boat in which pics please?
Why is this so important for you to know anyway?
ps, we do not reside in the marina, do you?

judith matthews said...

ok don't worry