Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Happy un-Birthday to me!

 IMG_6558                                             IMG_6556

Well I treated us, well mainly me, to Gordon’s and a box of Black Magic chocolates. So in my posh cut glass charity shop purchase I poured a tot of gin, then added some Elderflower Tonic which was a new product from the Bottle Green Drinks Co. A perfick combination, as It was absolutely delicious! The Cabin Boy has been very well behaved of late, so I shared the chocs with him. I must say he makes a superb toasted cheese and herb sandwich in the Dualit. today though is…hot so we are back on the salad stuff.


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Happy birthday Ann. We will lift a glass to your good health.
Jaq and LesXX

Wozie said...

Thanx, is it your un-birthday too?
I don't really need an excuse to lift a glass now I'm a retired person!