Sunday, 15 June 2014

Old and new friends.

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We had noticed the good ship Bones with nb Merlin moored nearby, so we joined with her and her young crew member Joe to peruse  the car boot sale up in the village. That didn’t take long because there were no bargains there that we needed. Back at the boat the boys managed to coax the boat into life ready for take-off. Steve joined the little flotilla on his boat and Victoria arrived for a days boating. So after a bit of entertainment with the ships cat and much chatter, we were off to help them with the locks. We met a single boat in the bottom lock so he paired up with Steve, followed by Bones and Merlin. With so many steerers and lock wheelers, plus boats descending, it wasn’t long before we all reached the top, phew! Boots remained underwhelmed with it all, while Tigger enjoyed her walk helping Mel at the locks.

IMG_6549            IMG_6553

After some tuition Joe took over steering Bone’s boat doing really well. We had quick goodbye hugs, then waved them all off on their way into the tunnel. Bon voyage everyone! All this had been thirsty work so on our way back we sat outside The Admiral Nelson with drinks just chiilin’ for a while. The food smelt so good that we also stayed for lunch and very tasty it was too.

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