Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Ruth Chamberlain's photo.                         IMG_6559

Lister with boating pal Scooby.

We were so sorry to hear what had happened to Paddy and Ruth’s dog Lister,.nb Comfortably Numb. A couple aged around 60 ish were passing with their Rhodesian Ridgeback cross dog on it’s lead when it suddenly lunged at Lister. Ruth who was sitting out on the towpath with him was quite shocked and tried to defend him. She hurt her hand doing so and you can see what happened to poor Lister. His leg was badly damaged. He had several stitches done under anaesthetic to hold the wound together plus a course of antibiotics. So with trips to the vets and a much lighter wallet for Paddy let’s hope he will now begin to make a good recovery, although it will take a while. The man had no control over this dog as it was too big for him to handle. Apparently they are boaters, so look out for them along the cut and beware!


Sue said...

OMG that is terrible!

It is not Paddy's wallet that should be lighter it should be the owner of the unruly dog!

Arthur said...

Pleased to see that the dog is looking a bit better! My daughter was able to help a little when it first happened outside her cottage at Buckby Wharf! Keep us up to date with his recovery, please.

Ruth Chamberlain said...

Thank you Ann for your lovely words. It was great seeing you both and I'm sure Lister will be fine eventually once he gets his confidence back. He is really worried about going near other dogs and constantly wants to dive back into the boat. Take care Ruth xxx