Monday, 2 June 2014

Busy Braunston.

IMG_6441  IMG_6434 Peacock  IMG_6435 Wild Goose

I wonder why this old 70 footer ‘Peacock’ can glide under the bridge without touching the sides? Clifton Cruiser's new hire boat ‘Wild Goose’ flew under smacking the concrete, and this bridge is fairly wide too.

IMG_6460  IMG_6465  IMG_6471

The service station at Braunston is not very well placed right on a bend, but it never occurs to boaters to wait a while to squeeze through the narrow gap! The blue boat on the right was moored filling it’s water tank when two Willow Wren boats full of ‘sailors’ came through scraping moored boats as they went, including ours.


james margrave said...

Because an old boat tends to sit better in the water. Nice pic of me steering though.

james margrave said...

Forgot to add can I use the pic on peacock facebook page please?

Wozie said...

Help yourself James.
Glad you spotted it.
Maybe you were lined up with the bridge hole nicely and were going at a steady pace.
It was interesting to see how boats negotiated the space and how many used their horns on the blind bend there!